Vatican astronomer says religion inspires him to do science


DRAPER — Is there a war being waged between science and religion? The head of the Vatican Observatory has an opinion on the issue. Brother Guy Consolmagno visited Utah to talk about the relationship between science and faith.

“The message is always the same. First of all, we’re all searching for truth. And secondly, it’s a lot of fun,” Brother Guy said.

As the director of the Vatican Observatory, Brother Guy shares his passion for astronomy with audiences of all faiths. “I don’t use science to prove religion but rather religion gives me the confidence to do my science,” he explained.

In Brother Guy’s unique role as priest and scientist, it’s his belief there’s no conflict between faith and science. “We admire the creation and we get to know this creation precisely because we love the creator,” he said.

“It’s because I believe in a universe that is real and not just an illusion that I can do science.”

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