Asteroid Day panel discussion at the Science Museum in London

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On Asteroid Day (June 30th, 2015) the Science Museum in London hosted the premiere of the feature film 51º NORTH which was followed by a Science Panel featuring: Sir Crispin Tickell, Debbie Lewis, Prof Richard Crowther, Lord Martin Rees, Dr. Stuart Clark, Dr. Brian May, Prof Alan Fitzsimmons, Dr. Lewis Dartnell and Grigorij Richters.

  • Riickyy says:

    a comet, then it is not an asteroid. The Earth has been hit quite a few times by coemts in recent history (the big one being out in Siberia about a hundred years ago). They have a tendency to explode while still in the atmosphere. Of course, if God really decided to destroy Earth (with whatever means He chose) then who are we to stop him?Do you really want to believe in a god that only seeks to kill people?

    February 18, 2016 at 11:39 pm

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