Global risk and opportunity report (Q3 – 2015)

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The Global Challenges Foundation recently released it’s Quarterly Report (Q3 2015). Read the report on Asteroid Day and asteroids, here.



  • Raul says:

    Thanks, Eri.There is no reason to point to 2012 in pcltiaurar as GGU-Year (God Gets Us Year!) A deep-space object could bonk our silly little planet in just about any year. In fact in the present state of space observation, the truth is that we are most likely to suffer serious damage from some object we don’t even see coming. The first thing we will know about it will be the bright flash, followed by the concussion, and then later by the dust cloud.I just hope I am home with my doggie when it hits.

    February 18, 2016 at 7:25 pm

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