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Printable Materials

We will add more printable materials as we get closer to June 30.

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Useful Resources for your Asteroid Day 2016 Event

Open Source PowerPoint Presentation
We are currently developing an educational toolkit for you in collaboration with the European Space Agency and Universe Awareness. You can read the announcement, here. You will be able to download this for free towards end of May. It will be in the form of a PowerPoint presentation which you can adapt for your workshop, lecture or event. It will be suitable for school children and higher education. Find out more details, here.

Print an Asteroid & Earth
Print an asteroid and the Earth, print your own asteroid and globe! Build your own little models of the Earth and of an asteroid. This is great fun for any event! You can now also print the OSIRIS-REx spacecraft, here.

Asteroid Eros Model
Emily Peters created this great model of Asteroid Eros for NASA. You can download and print it, here.

NEAR Mission Activities for Children
This activity book is designed to provide you with a number of fun activities to teach children about asteroids and some of the science concepts involved in the NEAR mission. Learn more.

Target Asteroids! by OSIRIS-REx
Join a citizen science project that contributes to our understanding of near-Earth asteroids. Learn more, here.

Asteroid Quiz
Quiz, which we’ve developed for you. The Questions & Answers were carefully vetted by our educational partners and the Expert Panel.

Screen a Movie
Screen 51 Degrees North, the film which was the original inspiration for Asteroid Day. If your event is free then we may be able to give you a copy of the film free of charge. Some aggressive language. English subtitles available. Not suitable for children below 12 years of age. Damon Miller (Moritz von Zeddelmann) is a talented, young German filmmaker, living in London, grappling with the pressures of an impoverished profession and a dissolving relationship, who stumbles into the discovery that the Earth stands on the brink of an extraterrestrial disaster. Watch the details, here.

Interactive Video Experience
An interactive video experience, remember February 15, 2013? That day a small asteroid exploded over Chelyabinsk, Russia. Re-watch the historic impact from twenty different perspectives. This is perfect for any event. There is some swearing. We recommend this for anyone above 12 years of age.

Kerbal Space Program
Did you know that the amazing team at the Kerbal Space Program released an Asteroid Day Mod? You can watch a tutorial, here.

Feel free to download them directly from VIMEO, here and use for your event. As we get closer to June 30, we will make more videos available.

Please note that we will make more resources available as we get closer to June 30. We are also developing a brand new logo, posters and other materials which you will be able to download.

Useful Resources from Asteroid Day 2015

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